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Serving Peoria, IL and the surrounding area. Post a help wanted ad for just $95, make a professional resume and find a new job in Peoria today.
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Help Wanted Ads - are just $95 for 30 days.

Posting a help wanted ad on Peoria Area Jobs is quick and easy, and the cost is only $95 for 30 days. Get started by clicking on the link below.  More job posting information.

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There are hundreds of jobs listed for the Peoria, IL area, so get started now finding your next great new career. Featured Jobs will be posted below. To see all jobs just click on the "View Job Ads Now" link below.

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The Peoria Area Job's "Make A Resume" program was designed to be simple and easy to use! We eliminated the clutter and confusion found on other resume programs and kept just the necessary features to help make a simple but excellent resume.

Quickly and easily create resumes...

  • For employers to view on our website.
  • To copy & paste to a Word or text document for emailing.
  • To print for snail mail or hand delivery.

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